June 2, 2019

Photo: Roxana, Class of 2019, will be attending California State University Los Angeles in the Fall.

“We are roses growing through the smallest cracks of the concrete floor. We came from unexpected places like the solid ground our feet walk upon. While we may have some wilted petals and bleaker stems, today no one questions that. Instead, we are all here to celebrate our tenacity, our will to reach the sun and those that recognized the chaos of our blooming…”

“Living with purpose is what I learned here at Minds Matter… Having a collective of individuals here for you, having people invest in you because they believe in you, having the space to practice wholeheartedness. That is what Minds Matter embodies and we will take those pieces with us wherever our future endeavors lead us. We have a chosen family here.”

–Excerpt from Roxana’s Graduation Speech