“I learned so much about my class about learning and memory with my professor and classmates, but I also learned that I am only a teenager. I do not have to feel pressured to know who I am or what I want to pursue as a career. I still have so much to explore and learn about myself.

I am certain, though, that Brown is definitely my dream school. Primarily because of its liberal nature, but also because of the people that attend Brown University. The currently enrolled students are not at Brown because it’s an Ivy League school. Rather, they know at Brown they will receive a high-quality education while allowing themselves to become self-reflective.

The thought that Brown might be my dream school is so odd, because about half a year ago, I was sure I wanted to go to a big school, the University of Michigan. Now, I feel a lot more prepared for college because I am inclined to look into liberal arts colleges/universities that will best suit my educational needs.

Having that said, I am very thankful for Minds Matter, because if it weren’t for the opportunity to explore university over summer, I would probably apply to colleges that I would in the long run regret because they were not the best fit for me. Last year I developed a passion for politics, thanks to Georgetown University, but this year Brown University has created a free person in me, someone who isn’t afraid to explore, learn, and have some fun.

Being a Minds Matter student is engaging, challenging, valuable, and very fun! My experience has been this way because Minds Matter, as a whole, is filled with volunteers determined to guide, inspire and create optimism when we as students do not believe in ourselves. And most importantly the volunteers are passionately creative in making every Saturday interesting. I cannot say enough and cannot thank Minds Matter enough for being such a great blessing in my life.”

Summer letter from Barbara, who attended Brown University as a senior in Minds Matter of Los Angeles