Summer 2016 was the best summer ever! I would give up anything to relive it again,or have a second chance to go back. I am fortunate to say that it is impossible to choose the best part of my summer experience studying international law at Pembroke College at Oxford University in England.
Rosemarie at Oxford University

My greatest challenge during my summer program was trying to manage my major homework, my minor homework, and my regular school homework. I also had to balance time to participate in the Oxford activities, explore Oxford, hang out with friends, attend class meetings or events, and eat. I overcame all of these things by staying more organized and prioritizing my work and things I needed to do.


There were times when it was hard to be proud of my background being around such amazing people. Most everyone there came from a wealthy background, and I met no-one who was there on a scholarship or had the blessing to have a program like Minds Matter. Everyone always talked about their private schools, their parent’s jobs,their maids, their travel experiences, the summer programs they have participated in, and the materialistic items they flashed out every day in front of others. That made me think about my own life back at home. I go to a public school. My dad is a janitor. I’m my own maid. I rarely travel. If it wasn’t for Minds Matter, I would have never left California. I didn’t let this put me down because I knew I would face this before I left and I was ready to face the truth. I didn’t let it bother me and I just ignored all of those things and embraced my own background.


Over my summer, I learned that sometimes I can get discouraged when I’m surrounded by people who may be intimidating or I might see them as more superior than me, but I always know how to pick myself up and do what I am capable of. I also learned that I really enjoy learning about law, and now I question what I want to major in because at first, I thought I wanted to focus on U.S government and law, but now I am also considering international law.


I am eternally grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity because there would have been no other way that I could have ever had this chance to go to OxfordUniversity at age 17.

Summer Letter from Rosemarie, a senior with Minds Matter of Los Angeles. Rosemarie, became the first Minds Matter of Los Angeles student to attend a Summer Program at Oxford University in England, where she earned an A+ studying international law at Pembroke College.