June 22, 2019

Photo: MMLA students engaging in a presentation at the Career Incubator.

A Latina engineer, state politician, judge, music producer, digital radio editor, and video game specialist were just a few of the 41 panelists who descended on the Loyola Law School campus for the 3rd Annual MMLA Career Incubator held Saturday, June 22.

Over 70 low-income, high-achieving college-aged students gathered to get inspired by executive-level professionals representing a host of industries. Topics also covered the business of sports, creating a brand, project management, health and medicine, law, banking and what it’s really like to work in corporate America today. During twenty 50-minute sessions throughout the day, attendees were exposed to careers they might want to pursue—and then encouraged to ask questions and network with the presenters.

Photo: Luis Carlos Pruneda (top right) leading a presentation at the Career Incubator.

It was a day of real-world learning as attendees heard firsthand stories from Luis Carlos Pruneda, an MMLA 2015 alumnus and now a brand intern at the American Public Radio show, Marketplace; Nataria Joseph, assistant professor in psychology at Pepperdine; and Reema Singh, senior vice president at Disney Studios, among many others.

The best part? For one attendee, it was realizing that no one has all the answers at first: “The fact that some presenters didn’t know what they were going to do but found their way to where they are now was the most impactful. I’m confident about what my future will be like after hearing their advice and tips.” For another, “Getting to network with people I never had the possibility of talking to before. I felt hopeful and ready to really branch out.”

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