At the beginning it was tough

New city

New state

New coast

Thrown at me

Had to deal with it all by myself

But I fell in love with the place

I felt so fortunate

To have the city life

And country life

Can’t deny

I had the best of both worlds


Through the day I enjoyed

The rustling of the leaves

The shadow of a tree

As I gave it comfort underneath

Through the night I enjoyed

The bustling cars

The late-night specials

The lights brightening my world up


Friends were near

They came fast

They were all different

They all marked my heart

Mairead, Mary, Nikhil, Dianna and Anna Li

My dormates

My roomates

My friends

They were very near


My teacher was sweet

My teacher was strict

My teacher expected the best out of me

Taught me techniques

Taught me so much more

Taught me to see life through poetry lens

My teacher was the best

My teacher had passion

My teacher enlightened me to keep writing

Found myself

In a place

I never thought I’d call home

Finally saw myself

Scars and all

Finally saw myself

Without make-up

Finally saw myself

For who I was and not what people wanted me to be

Maybe that’s why

The friends I made

I treasure and keep at heart

Because I feel like

They met the real me

The one I’d been scared to meet


So thank you

For giving me the gift

Of finding myself

And meeting a place

I’d love to call home again


Thank you, so much

Because those experiences

Helped me grow

Helped me learn

Helped me know


Thank you Minds Matter

Because instead of staying at home

Bored out of my mind

I was able to travel

Learn more about my passion

And was reminded

How the sun’s rays feel

How spending a whole day out can make one feel whole



Can’t wait for next year

I know new lessons will be learned

I know new memories will be made

And all thanks to Minds Matter

Truly, everyone deserves a bow, roses, applause

And much, much more

Love and gratitude – Maryori, Sophomore