More than 400 volunteers nationwide dedicate their time to help Minds Matter achieve its mission each year.

Minds Matter volunteers come from diverse career backgrounds including advertising, banking, consulting, education, engineering, law, marketing, media, not-for-profit, technology, and many others. Because Minds Matter has a tendency to “get in the blood” of its volunteers, many stay with the program for several years, and often serve in leadership roles on the Executive Committee.

Minds Matter mentors and tutors are typically young professionals who are passionate about:

  • Providing academic enrichment, support and perspective to under-privileged local high school students with the goal of college success
  • Getting more involved and contributing locally to their community
  • Meeting like-minded peers with whom they can network and form lasting friendships

If you are interested in applying to volunteer, please click on the button to the right.

Email volunteer@mindsmatterla.org for more information about volunteering opportunities.


Each student in the Minds Matter program is paired with 2 mentors. The right mentor, in a structured long term mentoring program such as Minds Matter, can make a profound difference in the life and academic success of a disadvantaged student. Mentors are people who open doors, share experiences, listen intently, battle negativity and inspire success in our students. Our mentors are the heart and soul of the organization.

Being a mentor involves dedicating a significant amount of time to the Minds Matter program throughout the academic year, both in and out of session. Most of the work a mentor does takes place during the academic year at the Saturday sessions. This is why it is very important that a mentor can be relied upon to fulfill his/her obligation to their mentee and the organization.

Minds Matter Mentors are expected to:

  • Attend at least 75% of the scheduled Saturday sessions
  • Call their mentees once a week
  • Be active listeners, coaches and advocates for their mentees
  • Ensure summer program and college applications are completed on time with the highest quality
  • Develop 3 year plans for their mentees which serve as a road map and source of accountability
  • Transmit not only knowledge, but guiding values that support outstanding work


Minds Matter tutors act as instructors and one on one academic coaches for our students. They do not have to be professional educators. We look for people who are passionate about Math, Writing and Critical Thinking and Leadership Development. Tutors interact with the students in a more traditional class room style setting at our Saturday sessions.

Event Volunteers

In addition to the academic sessions, we also conduct various field trips and host events through out the year. All of these need dedicated, committed people to help plan, organize and execute in order for them to be a success. These activities have more of a short term commitment and are perfect for people looking to get involved but unable to make a long term commitment.

  • “I grew up in Hanover, NH around the corner from Dartmouth College. The importance of higher education was a part of my everyday existence. As a mentor, I was able to share this perspective and help my students get excited about summer programs and college. "
    Jessica MM mentor for 6 years

    “Minds Matter was attractive to me because of its single-minded focus on giving kids the academic coaching they needed to get into college. I really enjoyed the camaraderie with the other tutors involved in the program. It was a fun social group and a great way to meet people outside of my personal circle."
    Matt MM Test Prep Tutor