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Four Gates Millennium Scholars in Minds Matter of Los Angeles

Minds Matter of Los Angeles Class of 2014

We celebrated our 3rd graduation in May. Once again we had two Gates Millennium Scholars as part of our graduating class for a total of 4 out of our 38 graduates. We are so proud of all of our graduates who are pursuing their dreams of college at the following institutions: MIT, George Washington University, Stanford, American University, Brown University, Mills College, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, Syracuse University, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, Howard University, Princeton, San Jose State, Middlebury and Cal State Northridge.

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Letters from Student Summer Programs

I am very thankful for Minds Matter because if it weren’t for MM I would probably apply to colleges that I would, in the long run, regret because they were not the best fit for me. Last year I created a passion for politics thanks to Georgetown University but this year Brown University has created a free person in me, someone who isn’t afraid to explore, learn, and have some fun. Being a Minds Matter student has been engaging, challenging, valuable, and very fun! My experience has been this way because Minds Matter as a whole is filled with volunteers determined to guide, inspire and create optimism when we as students do not believe in ourselves, and possibly most importantly volunteers are passionately creative in making every Saturday interesting…Barbara